Most of my videos are made to entertain, educate and inspire. You can find elements of all three in the following representative samples:

Title: "Building a Tiny House and Making it Your Home - Part 2"
Description: "A young woman continues the process of building a tiny house with help from friends." Winners: 2017 PEGASYS Award in Documentary Category and for Best Public Access.

Title: "Gourducopia"
Description: "A video celebrating the opening of a gourd shop where artistic gourds are made and sold".

Title: "Winter Solstice Spiral at EcoVillage"
Description: "This video shows the ritual on December 21, 2013. Adobe Premier Pro 6 used as editing software".

Title: "A TREE grows in EcoVillage".
Description: "This group paid Clearlight for this updated video and its predecessor which received more than 600 hits.".

Title: "Crop Mob".
Description: "This documentary illustrates what video can do to inform people about a subject that may be foreign to most".

Title: "Double Wedding".
Description: "A large wedding project that required many hours in selecting the best pictures, video and music. The couples were pleased with the result".

Title: "2 Degrees in Buffalo".
Description: "A simple task of capturing a singer/sonwriter in concert. Easy and cheap to do and does not require much editing".

Title: "A Visit to Panama City Beach, Fl".
Description: "A travelogue combining stills, music and video. Some editing required."

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